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I remember Mum and Dad saying just before my 7th birthday that I can either have a party or get a dog, I chose a dog. We saved Rusty from a breeder and when we first got him he was riddled with fleas, his fur was all matted and his diet consisted of Fruitloops and other crazy food. During April of 2011 we noticed a growth on his hip, it was a cancerous tumour and the vet said we would have to amputate his back leg but we didn’t want to do that to him. They said he would only last a month and sure enough he has lasted a whole year. His cancer has gotten really bad and he’s now covered in tumours. He’s been my best friend over the last 13 years and bought many great times and laughs to my family. He’s been the best dog ever and saying goodbye tomorrow is going to be extremely tough. I love you Rusty xxx 

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wow. this is so sweet. rip rusty <3

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They are just outrageously beautiful.